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Want instant copy support in your AirPods for your next sales page, lead magnet, or Instagram post?

And help save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide?


Love accessing that powerful quote, advice, or how-to to keep you focused on creating powerful and persuasive copy? (Instead of the sale-sy stuff that makes you feel like yet another "car warranty" robocall?)

Know you might miss an interview or two but don’t want to miss out on these experts’ exclusive and effective tools (or their free gifts!)?

Excited to help save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide while transforming your Instagram videos into ROI machines?

Then you should know about The Copy Chat Kit!

Listen to every speaker (as many times as you want!)

Guaranteed spark of creation, idea, or tool for your next social post, email, or sales page.

Every single penny (yes, they still make 'em)

goes to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention...

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...a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death.

Why help your copy and a human?

Honestly, as much as I want you to be there LIVE with me
for every interview, I know how life and business work.

I’m supposed to present you with a scarcity moment telling you that if you miss these interviews, then your chances for online fame and fortune are down the drain.

That ain't me.

Listen, I want to help you.

When you uncover how to write copy that connects, it gives you the power to send an email or launch a sales page and watch the sales roll in.

There is a major possibility that one of these chats could help you do that...and more. 

Your Copy Chat Kit helps raise money for the AFSP to provide essential suicide prevention efforts. 

Why this is important:

  • 67% of adults believe they've had a mental health condition at some point in their life.
  • Nearly 60% of adults in the U.S. have familiarity with suicide - increasing from previous years.
  • 75% of loved ones say that most people who die by suicide usually show some signs beforehand.

And 96% of U.S. adults would take action to help prevent suicide if someone close to them was struggling.

The AFSP is working to give you the tools to do just that...

To provide tangible education and support to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.  

How The AFSP Leads The Way for Stronger Mental Wellness:

  • Funds scientific research
  • Educate the public on mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Advocates for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Supports survivors of suicide loss and those affected by suicide.

And they are also committed to reversing the impact of systemic racism to provide mental health equity and prevent suicide amongst underrepresented communities.

Let's help The AFSP bring those struggling with suicidal thinking out of the darkness and save lives. 

Uncover what to say (and how to say it) to magnetically attract your dream clients while bringing hope to those affected by suicide.

Here’s what The Copy Chat Kit includes:

Lifetime Access to the Interviews

Every single interview is yours to keep. Listen on your own time - in the car, on a walk, or making dinner - and go back to the ones you find the most helpful for YOU.

The Copy Confident Cheat Sheet

Answers to questions like → how long should my paragraphs be? What should I bold or italicize? And tips on why you shouldn’t start each paragraph with the same letter and my favorite content tools. These 52 tips will make your copy crisper than a Paul Hollywood shortbread on Great British Baking Show biscuit week. Bang on, mate!

The Copy Bonus Bundle

Many of this season’s experts have generously donated these copy and biz next steps usually reserved for their clients and members of their programs:

Marisa (12)

My 5 Top Performing Instagram Posts

Get the plug-n-play templates for IG content that made $30k in sales.
From Megan Yelaney

Digital Brain Template

If you're tired of the never-ending social media content grind but still want to stay connected because, hey, it's fun and good for your biz, use this template as your marketing content vault so you can elegantly repurpose your content again and again.
From Andréa Jones

Marisa (11)
Marisa (5)

How to Create Your 2023 Content Strategy
(A Mid-Way Content Check-Up!)

Follow along as I share my process for reviewing and revamping my content strategy for a new month, quarter, or year! This 12-minute workshop includes prompts and action items that will help you update or create your content strategy.
From Natasha Pierre

Theme Plates for Podcast Pitching

Get Mai-kee's Podcast Pitching Themeplate where you'll learn her signature 7 elements of a yes-worthy pitch, and see all of them in action with a successful pitch example! The best part? This was written by a podcaster and co-created with the insights of industry-leading podcasters.
From Mai-kee Tsang

Marisa (14)

And Close-Up On These Live Bonuses...

The Copy Chat Q&A
with Me, Marisa

Marisa Circle

In this live class that’s equal parts Q&A, editing, and sharing my latest “what’s working” with copy, you’ll create a doable action plan based on the strategies and advice that resonated most for you during The Copy Chat and ask me ALL your copy questions!

(I’ve been known to stay on for 2 hours to support you and it’s always one of our most raved about calls!)

“Aaaay, I finally know what I’m doing!” A Brand Voice Expert’s Take on Dialing in Your Personality with AI
(plus a few missteps that made me sound like a doofus)
with Justin Blackman

In this live workshop, we’ll tap into weird ways to make machine learning sound more like you and less like everybody else. The results may not be perfect, but they’ll give you a dang good draft that you can polish up and publish without feeling gross.

(Justin was a fan FAV from Season 4 and his copy genius will blow your mind! We’re grateful he generously offered to host this class exclusively for Copy Chatters!)


How often do you write something in your phone or convince yourself, “I'll remember!” only to forget it and have it lost from your brain for eternity?

(My hand is RAISED!)

That’s exactly why I wanted to include this opportunity.

This is all yours for just $127.

(Honestly, that’s cheaper than a couple packs of bottles of hand sanitizer this year!)

Know this:

Many of our experts charge $500 or more for an hour of their time.

You get exclusive access to the factual strategies that work for them and their clients.

The LIVE interviews are available free of charge for the first 48 hours after each call.

That’s my promise to you.

But after that, the ONLY way you can get access to all the wisdom, inspiration, strategies and tools from all the speakers is to grab The Copy Chat Kit.

Because you're ready...

To make your emails ROI machines, blogs more readable, Facebook and Instagram posts engaging, and sales pages bring in cash.

Then these experts will show you what’s possible. You’ll get the tools, strategies and support you need to write copy that attracts clients, makes money, and creates a massive movement online.

Help your copy AND a human -- save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. 

I’m jazzed to have you here…

...and can’t wait for all the a-ha moments headed your way!

Copy that,


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