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Because you believe in the power of giving back, I need your help...


Love when someone says, "Wow, it feels like you were speaking right to me!" when they see your website or next email? (Instead of the flashy, sales-y stuff that makes you feel like you’ve been robocalled?).

Want the leading copywriters and biz coaches in your earbuds each giving you one doable tip to create copy that converts? Without sounding like the Oxi guy from the 90s (why was he always yelling?).

Excited to give back to a family at Christmas while transforming your Instagram posts into ROI machines and sales pages that bring in cash, all while understanding what the heck "SEO" actually means. 

Then The Copy Chat Kit is calling your name...

Listen to every speaker (as many times as you want!)

Instant spark of creation, idea, or tool for your next post, email, or sales page.

Every single penny (yes, they still make 'em) goes to Kelly and her family!

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Why am I offering this?

Because spontaneous generosity
is why I started my business in the first place.

Yes, it's the "most wonderful time of the year" but for many isn't.

Cancer treatment puts an enormous strain on every single member of the family.

The joy of the season gets quickly overtaken by sadness and frustration.

If I can make just one day better this Christmas, that's worth more than any added income to my Stripe account.  Agreed?

You can help make this happen.

Kelly was one of my very first clients. 

We met over a coffee in the backyard of The High Line Hotel.

I'll never forget the feeling, "I'm getting paid to write!"

Kelly is the creator of Ollie & Boo, a jewelry line with one-of-a-kind, glam-rock pieces.

After writing her about page, she also gifted me with a custom necklace I wear ALL the time (it's in many of my branding photos).

I never forgot Kelly's faith in me and now it's time to repay her for what she ignited to help me build 6 years ago...

Kelly has Stage 4 Brain Cancer but This is also about someone else... 

Three other someones, actually.

Kelly has two children (Zaley and Jules) under the age of 5 and an incredibly supportive husband named Terry.

This Christmas, I want them to focus solely on being together as a family...making each moment count.

To make sure they know there are people who have their back and will continue to be there for matter what...

Emotionally and financially. 

You with me?

Grab The Copy Chat Kit for yourself OR gift it to someone ready to uncover what to say and how to say it to magnetically attract their dream clients.

(peep at the testimonials below, will ya?!)

Here’s what The Copy Chat Kit includes:

Edited MP3 Recordings

Every single interview from Copy Chat 1.0 AND 2.0 is yours to keep. Listen on your own time - in the car, getting ready, on a walk, or making dinner - and be able to go back and get the most out of the ones you find the most helpful for YOU.

Bonus Class with Me, Marisa

Exclusively for The Kelly Christmas edition. Create a doable action plan based on the strategies and advice that resonate most for you during the masterclass series and ask me ALL your copy questions!

The Email. Connect. Convert. Workbook

What the heck do you write to your list to keep them engaging after that free gift or lead magnet? This workbook includes writing prompts, templates, and samples (directly from my clients) to help you nurture your list and turn raving fans into clients.

Each interview gives you one doable tip to write copy that connects and converts...

As in people will be knocking down your (virtual) door to work with you. You’ll be the Bruno Mars of [insert the awesome thing you do].

These word wizards will help you...

⭐ Discover the steps to start writing like you (even if you think you’re not a good writer!)

⭐ Get the smart science behind attracting more comments, clicks, and conversions.

⭐ Understand why your personality is the key to words that sell.

⭐ The answer to the “it’s already been said” mindset that keeps your Google Docs blank.

And the copy basics you need to know:

How to format, where to bold stuff, how long emails should really be, website checklist...and how to get it done without taking up your entire workday.

You get is all for just $77!

Social Proof 4 - TY : Upgrade

This is the only time I'll be bringing The Copy Chat out of the vault...

For just $77 - with every penny going to Kelly!

Know this: many of our experts charge $500 or more for an hour of their time. You're getting exclusive access to the research and factual strategies that have worked for them and their clients.


⭐ The Sales Page + Copy You Need to Easily Double Your Next Course Launch (with Tarzan Kay + Sage Polaris!)

⭐ The 3 Must-Have Facebook Posts to Attract Clients (with Christina Jandali!)

⭐ Turn Likes Into Dollars With This Instagram Blueprint (with Wendy Porter who cracked $1M+ without a fancy photoshoot or perfectly placed matchas!)

⭐ The Email Dos + Don’ts That Get Inside the Minds of Your Ideal Client (with Mara Glazer - considered the world's BEST female copywriter!)

...and more!

if you're ready...

To make your emails ROI machines, blogs more readable, Facebook and Instagram posts engaging, and sales pages bring in cash while understanding what the heck SEO actually means...

Then these experts will show you what’s possible.

You’ll get the tools, strategies and support you need to write copy that attracts clients, makes money, and creates a massive movement online.

This is your chance to take it all with you + help a human this Christmas.

Thank you for being part of this community. You're so appreciated, loved and valued here.

Happy holidays,


Get The Copy Chat Kit Now!

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