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How fricking cool would it be...

To write your website and people say, “Wow, it feels like you were speaking right to me!”?

Sell your latest product or course with an email?

Tickle those computer keys with words that make you irresistible to your dream clients? And close more sales again and again…

...without feeling sales-y or like that Oxi guy from those 90s infomercials?


Well, girlfriend (or guyfriend) - you can.


When you became an entrepreneur, you didn’t know you also had to become
Oprah meets Charles Dickens, did you?

Emails, landing pages, sales pages, Instagram posts, website revisions, Facebook Lives -
there's always something to create.



Straight Facts:  no one decides they MUST have you in their business, weight loss journey, finances, or energy healing without killer content.

How do you get it all done and get results? 

Start by grabbing your FREE spot in The Copy Chat!

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Here's how we're gonna do it


This Masterclass Series brings together 21 of the online marketing world’s savviest copywriters, biz coaches, authors, and online marketing pros.

Each interview gives you one doable tip 
to create copy and content that connects and converts.

As in people will be knocking down your (virtual) door to work with you...

You’ll be the Bruno Mars of [insert the awesome thing you do].

These word wizards will help you...

  • Discover the steps to start writing like you (even if you think you’re not a good writer!)
  • Get the smart science behind attracting more comments, clicks, and conversions.
  • Understand why your personality is the key to attracting your ideal client.
  • Find the answer to the “it’s already been said” mindset that keeps your Google Docs blank.
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Meet The Copy Chat Experts

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Allison Hardy


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what you get

During this FREE Masterclass Series, you’ll receive...

Exclusive Access to 22 Interviews with The Leaders in Online Marketing.

Private Facebook Community to Continue the Conversation.

Daily Facebook Live Q+A Sessions for ALL Your Copy and Messaging Questions!

Win Prizes to Make Writing Even Easier! (Biz Book Bundle, $50 Amazon gift cards,
Seize The Day Planning Packet, Done-With-You Copy Program, and more!)

When you register for The Copy Chat, you’ll get access to the interviews from
July 8th - 19th to listen, learn, and connect.

discover things like:

Getting More Content Written and Out Into The World

Creating A Successful and Profitable Course Launch

Popping Your Personality for More Engaging Content
(And More Clients!)

The Email Dos + Don’ts That Get Inside The Mind
and Hearts of Your Prospects

Irresistible Headlines and Home Pages

Oh - and did I mention? These interviews are FREE, yo!

Now, should you always do something just because it’s free? No.

I once let someone wax my eyebrows for free (um, absolutely horrific idea - pay for that, ok?)

But this is different.

Walk away knowing how to transform your emails into ROI machines, create engaging Facebook and Instagram posts, and craft sales pages that bring in cash...

(All with intact eyebrows!)

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Still reading down here?

(you want to make sure this is legit. I respect that)

how about this mic drop:

Forbes says, “Poor content is the silent killer of online sales leads and revenue generation—silent because the companies publishing poor content do not realize it is substandard.”


And high-quality content is "the key to better customer engagement” and conversions.

How do you make sure you’re churning out that high-quality content?

Learn from the online masters who’ve created some of the most compelling marketing campaigns and helped entrepreneurs - like you -
create a powerful and profitable business.

That's what The Copy Chat is all about!

Are you ready to swipe all the copy secrets from me and my friends so you can slay your business this year or what?

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Who the heck is this girl who admitted she let someone wax her eyebrows for FREE?

(Answer: I’m Italian and hair removal is budget line #1. Budget line #2 is snagging a good deal.)


Here’s Some Other Must Knows About Your Host

(written in 3rd person for uber professionalism)

Marisa Corcoran is a copywriter and copy coach for course creators, coaches, and creatives. She’s helped 100+ entrepreneurs unleash their voice and write words that sell.

(especially if you consider yourself "heart-centered" but never want to use that word again)

Marisa lives in Atlanta with an M.F.A. from Harvard University and a B.A. in English/Theater from SUNY Geneseo (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa).

When not click-clacking on her laptop, you can find Marisa analyzing a Real Housewives episode like it’s government policy and consuming inappropriate amounts of Nutrageous bars.

Oh hey! One last lil’ P.S.

You don’t have to be a good writer to create compelling copy for your business.

Guess what?

Not an ounce of getting the results you’re looking for is about perfection or being the best.


This is about being 100% YOU and getting specific with what your ideal client needs.
(That’s actually the golden ticket to just about any business success.)

I’ve assembled my idols and the people I respect most to help you do just that.

It’s my gift to you. Take me up on it because it could be the best decision you make for your business this year.

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